Jiarong Xing Jiarong Xing
Ph.D. Student

Computer Science
Rice University

3003 Duncan Hall
6100 Main St., MS 132
Houston TX 77005-1892

E-mail: jxing at rice dot edu


I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at CS department of Rice University working with Prof. Ang Chen (starting from 2018 fall). I got my BS degree from School of Software, Shandong University in 2017.

I am pretty interested in networked system security, especially enhancing network-wide security with programmable data planes.




Web chair: ACM SIGCOMM 2020 Workshop on Secure Programmable Network Infrastructure (SPIN 2020)
Teaching assistant: Database System Implementation (COMP 530, Spring 2020)
Teaching assistant & guest lecturer: Secure and Cloud Computing (COMP 436/536, Fall 2019)
Teaching assistant: Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming (COMP 421/521, Spring 2019)