Jiarong Xing

Ph.D. Student
Computer Science
Rice University

Office: 3002 Duncan Hall
E-mail: jxing at rice dot edu

About Me

I am a final-year Ph.D. student at CS department of Rice University working with Prof. Ang Chen (starting from 2018 fall). I got my BS degree from School of Software, Shandong University.

My research aims to push programmable networks into the next generation by designing more efficient and secure infrastructures. One line of my work is to make programmable networks more efficient by enabling network devices to be runtime programmable. My second line of work aims to improve the security of programmable networks by architecting protections into the foundation of the network infrastructure, transforming it into a defense backbone.

I am a recipient of Google Ph.D. Fellowship (2022) and a finalist for Meta Ph.D. Research Fellowship (2022).

I am on the job market in pursuit of faculty positions. If you are aware of any potential opportunities, I kindly invite you to get in touch.


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Awards & Honors


Conference committee
Journal reviewer
Conference web chair
Guest Lecturer
Teaching assistant